Monday, 11 July 2016

Q3 Finish Along

I found this Finish Along in March and joined for Q2 - April to June. I only got one of my goals completed - and I'm good with that since there is no penalty for not meeting a goal (other than those we impose on ourselves). There are great prizes available for those who finish and are lucky enough to get chosen as a winner.

This quarter (July - September) I'm entering a few more things for finishes.

In no particular order:

Mittens for me - 1 is 3/4 finished

A cardigan for my oldest niece:

The dresden quilt I was supposed to do in Q2:

And Christmas pillowcases for my nieces (in this adorable Pixie Noel fabric):

I feel like I've given myself a good variety of projects to finish - the pillowcases will be quick - the rest will take more time. A deadline will help (I hope).

I'm linking to the Q3 Finish Along.


  1. The mittens are lovely. What pattern are you using?

    1. The pattern is on and is called "bird mitten pattern" ( It is only a chart. I used MinervaZee's thumb and notes. I used Koigu fingering and 3.0 mm needles.

  2. I think the mittens are my favourite of your projects on the go. Love the colours!