Monday, 17 February 2014

I Pieced A Top Today

I'm pretty pleased with myself.  Here's my progress in pictures:

on the design wall this morning

starting to sew horizontal rows together

my cat wanted to sit in the sewing chair - so did I

horizontal rows in pairs

flower detail with bad lighting

fused down then free motion sewed around twice with a swirly centre

all done - my squares all line up - doesn't look like it here though

Design Wall Monday

It's Monday morning and I'm at home with a whole day to myself - we have Family Day here today so I've got the day off work.

Here's what my design wall looks like right now:

It's a low volume quilt with a few purple flowers - it's for a couple I work with who are expecting their first child together in May.

I need another flower or two I think - I've re-arranged them about 5 times and I'm likely not finished.  I have some small ones but took them out for this photo.

My goal is to finish piecing this quilt today - the shower is March 2 and I want it all finished by then.  I'll post my progress at the end of today.

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