Monday, 19 January 2015

On Paws

Yep - you read that right - paws, as in dog paws.

One of my best customers for alterations is the computer secretary at work. She is Persian and tells me she loves me all the time - and I don't get that from just anyone.

Last week she stopped me to ask if I could make doggie boots for her dog so that the dog (Mocha) would be able to go out in the ice, salt, and snow. I suggested she buy some but for some reason, that wouldn't work.

So, I looked up dog boots online and found these two tutorials on how to sew them and how to fit them .  Who knew?

Here are the finished products:

I used some scrap fleece (good quality stuff) and some scrap suede I had from somewhere. I used double sided velcro that I found that is normally used like zip ties.

They look great and the dog loves them.  Mission accomplished.