Monday, 12 January 2015


Happy New Year Everyone!

I've been away from blogging almost the entire fall. I think I'm back now.

A few times recently I had a facebook posting cross my feed that is about cultural traditions in other countries that we don't have in North America. The second or third time it crossed my feed I decided it was time I did something with the idea (I believe that the universe sends us hints and to me, this was one). I've decided to adopt the German idea of Gemütlichkeit, which basically translates into a feeling of warmth and coziness - there's a bit more to it because it doesn't translate exactly, but you get the drift. It's something they do that is physical and emotional - like hanging out with friends and feeling warm and cozy at the same time. I struggle every winter with the darkness and I think this might help me. You can read more here.

My word for the year is "self". Sounds very selfish and it is! I do a lot of things for other people and it's time I did some things for myself. I have a sabbatical coming up the beginning of February. Teachers have this option to have reduced pay over a long period of time, then take a leave and be paid. I've funded this leave myself with pay reductions for five years. I have many things planned for this time off - and I want to focus on myself.

This fall I did a lot of knitting, mostly for Xmas presents. Maybe I was getting into the Gemütlichkeit idea before I even new it.

2015 finish - new cover for a bench

2015 finish - superwash wool flipper mittens for me

Matching cowl and flipper mitts for my sis

flipper mitts for my sil (I was on a roll with the flipper mitts)

trimmed tea towels for mom

an interesting book I read this fall

These are the mitts Ana wore in the movie Frozen. I made two pairs for a friend at school with two little girls.

Sweater for L's baby

flannel pillow cases for my nieces 

matching hat and mitt sets

2 of 3 knitting needle cases

Michigan State football pillowcases
This is what I've been up to for the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2105.
I have many sewing projects on the horizon, just none under the needle right now, and I'm good with that.