Sunday, 26 February 2017

I Think I've Had An Epiphany

It's been awhile since I last posted. I've been sewing and crafting, just not blogging (mostly due to a computer problem, which is now fixed).

What I've been working on most recently is a travelling quilt my friend L cooked up. She was inspired by a similar one she saw online. There are three of us in this group. We set up some basic rules and provided our own fabric. Then, we rotate the fabrics between each other enough times to end up with a lap sized quilt at the end. Our official name is QB Travelling Quilt - we're on Instagram as #qbtravellingquilt if you want to look us up.

Everyone made their own first block and decided on a theme. My theme is 'shine brightly' and this is my first block.

The pattern is New York Flying Geese by Better Off Thread. I bought it on Craftsy here; its a paper pieced pattern and simple to do, just fiddly. This fabric is part of a 54 piece fat 1/8th rainbow bundle I bought about 5 years ago from a vendor on Etsy called Surly Sheep. These are only 32 of the colours. The rest of the fabric I bought for my quilt is from Pink Castle Fabric and is called the Moda Rainbow Stash Box.

I love this block. It speaks to my heart. The colours are great and I love the different ones included. It was really hard to give it to L, who is making my next set of blocks.

I have to make for C first. I can't show everything of hers because she might read my blog and everything is a secret until she gets her own back sometime in April.
These are her fabrics

Right now they are up in a design on my design wall and I might be in love with them. They are so rich and varied and look so happy up there.

Here's my epiphany - I might have to change my colour palette. I like to use bright colours but I don't always do it enough. These last two examples of brights are showing me how much I enjoy the brights and how great they look together. These colours are also so saturated and so rich, that they are magnificent. It's either the depth of the colour or the rainbow aspect that is speaking to me - I think it's the rainbow aspect, but I'm not positive.

Now, I just need to win the lottery so I can buy fabric with abandon.