Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mug Rug

I decided to make something for myself this weekend. I saw this pattern a while ago on Madame Samm's blog - the post has now been removed unfortunately. I thankfully saved the pattern when it was up, but had to make up the directions to sew it. I'll use it at work and it will make me happy every time I see it. Tomorrow I hope to work on quilting a baby quilt but my sewing machine is making a very squeaky noise when I'm free motion quilting. As soon as the baby quilt is finished the machine will need to go in for service.

front side
back side

Tomorrow is the last day for my church in it's current location. We have been in a shopping mall for 37 years - it's the only place I ever remember being. The mall did not renew the lease this year; a new location has been found and everything will be a-okay.