Thursday, 13 June 2013

Stress Sewing

Usually sewing releases my stress and helps me relax. Today was no exception. Things are incredibly stressful at work right now and so tonight I decided to work on a cushion I'm making for a friend. It turned out okay - I think the cover is a bit big for the filler cushion but will see what my friend thinks - he's a guy and may or may not care about that.

The filler is feather so I wasn't sure how it would fill the cover. I phoned the store where I bought it and they said to make it the same size as the actual inside form. I made it 1" shorter all around with the seam allowance, and am glad I did. In hindsight, I would cut the outside even smaller so that the inside fills the entire cover, especially into the corners.

This fabric also unravels like crazy so that was a bit tricky. After I sewed I serged most of the edges - will serge around the other one before I sew it together.

I also made the piping and this pillow also has a zipper. I found a decent tutorial online and it went along okay. The fabric is really bulky so the zipper is a little uneven in places, but I don't think my friend will notice, especially if I don't tell him.