Monday, 23 December 2013

Design Wall Monday

There's not much on the wall this week - cause the wall is still upstairs in the old sewing room.  I want to get it moved downstairs but need to finish cleaning my house first. And get ready for Christmas.

I finished this for my sister-in-law for Christmas. She's just started her Masters so I'm putting some nice pens, sticky notes, cash, etc in it.

the front - Charley Harper fabric

the back - also Charley Harper fabric
the pattern
 This went together really quickly - so quickly that I thought I'd made a major error. I hope she likes it.

You might remember this tablerunner from a few weeks ago:

I started appliqueing around the shapes and letters - a bit hard to see in the photo.

 The appliqueing is going well, except when my cat jumps up on the sewing table, sits on it, and weighs it down so I can't move it. One of these days she's going to get her tail caught under the needle.

We've also just had a major ice storm go through my area. Lot's of damaged trees and power outages. My big tree is so far okay, with only some small branches coming down. My lilacs are a bit weighted down but I hope when the ice melts (next weekend maybe??) they spring back up. Here's a few shots:

a good 1/2" of ice

lilacs - finally the sun has come out

more lilacs with sunshine

Merry  Christmas!