Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2 of 48 Completed

I've gotten a little sewing finished this week. I've been working on my Dear Jane blocks. I have 48 square blocks to finish in 2014 - now 46 since I've finished two this week.

 F9 is a lovely little block. I took a few pictures of my mistakes - where I thought I was smarter than the blogger who has made several Dear Janes and had a great blog about it. Turns out I'm never as smart as I think I might be. Then I pushed the wrong button on the computer and the photos deleted. What I thought I could do was take the outer white portion and applique it on in one giant piece, rather than four.  A great idea till I got to the point where the curves reach a point and I realized there was then no seam to turn under. Ah well, the block is finished. I may or may not rip out one of the petals - top row, left side - because it will fall into the seam allowance and cut the end off. I may or may not care about that.

A paper pieced block. I didn't read any online instructions, but thought I'd be smart and just trace out the whole block - maybe it's just tiredness. Then I realized that the outer borders have to be separate pieces because of that darn corner that sticks out from the inner squares. It turned out fine anyway.