Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Vacation Shopping

Today I hit a new store  - I thought it was a fabric store, but that's not what they really sell. It was the Martelli store and they sell their own line of rotary cutters, mats, and rulers. I was thrown off when I walked into the store and was asked if I knew about their products - I said no. Then someone came out to give me a full demonstration.
I'm sold - bought a cutter and blades. The cutters are supposed to allow you to be more accurate and I think will reduce cutting fatigue because it uses different muscles than the usual ones.

the rotary cutter and pack of 5 blades

close up of the package
I think I saw these people demonstrating at the Sewing Show last Spring. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tomorrow (or the next day) I'm going to a quilt shop called A & E Pharmacy - that's not a typo. The owner of Martelli Notions told me to go there. There is no website but I found a blog review.  There is one other place I might try - Magnolia Quilt Company - but it's a bit of a drive and there's no website and I haven't been able to find an online review either.

I hit Joann's today but nothing there that I wanted to buy.