Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A Birthday Minecraft Finish

I have two nieces - the oldest will turn 8 this week (and the youngest is 6 1/2). They are delightful and we enjoy spending time together - especially when we have a crafternoon.

They are starting to get to the age where they really appreciate the hand made things I make for them.

The oldest - E - is in love with Minecraft. So I put my brain to it to think up something special for her birthday. After some consultation with E's mom, I decided on a mini duffle bag, decorated with Minecraft characters.

E got asked for her 3 favourite characters - she responded quickly. And I had to look one up to see what it looked like. Her interest was then piqued - what is Auntie making me for my birthday? She asked her grandparents at least once, if not more times, what I was making, so I knew I had her interest.

Thanks to Button's Quilts, I got an online quilt-a-long for a Minecraft quilt at Seriously...I think it needs stitches (which I think is a very clever name for a blog). Kelli very generously is sharing her patterns over a number of weeks. I used her basic layout for Steve and Alex, although mine is much smaller than hers.
Alex (a girl); finished 4"square

Steve; finished 4" square

I drew my own graph paper (4" by 4" blocks in 1/2" increments) and coloured. Then I figured out my cutting (the numbers on the side). And Button's Quilts (who has a magnificent stash and therefore a magnificent scrap bin) lent me some kona solids to help with the people. (Steve's hair is espresso and his skin is rafia; those are the only colours I know).

Here is a progress shot of the purple girl - she's called Enderman Girl, to the best of my knowledge

The duffle bag pattern I got from a friend at sewing group so I don't have any other info than that. It's 12"x6"x6" and made from Cotton + Steel fabric.

Initial for ownership; 4" finished

Enderman Girl; finished 4"
E got her bag Sunday and was delighted with the outcome. She begged all day to open her birthday presents before supper, but she had to wait. She dropped a few big hints to me, hoping I'd slip and tell her what I made. I didn't tell.

Now I'll have to see if little niece puts in an order for her birthday.