Saturday, 8 June 2013

Elephant Quilts Finished

Late Thursday night I finished these quilts for a colleague at work who is having twins.
I'm very happy with how they turned out! I put a rush on to finish them in time to give them to another friend who is attending the shower, which is today.
I solved my border problems too. I quilted around the panel and quilted straight lines, using my walking foot and a washable marker to make the lines. In the corners of the quilt I got a checkerboard effect - this idea came to me right before I fell asleep on Wednesday night.
The binding is 100% put on by machine, which I've never done before. I found a tutorial online and away I went. Considering it was getting pretty near to my bedtime and I was pretty tired, the binding went really well. I'd definitely do it again like that.
I'm happy to have these finished - working on my Dear Jane often makes me feel like I don't finish  much but these make me feel like I've actually finished something.
My next project is pillow covers for a friend. The fabric is in the washer as we speak.