Saturday, 11 May 2013

An Interesting Day

I went to the Hamilton fabric district today to pick up fabric I'd ordered for new drapes for my house. (I love it! and will post photos when I get to sewing the drapes). I took along my friend M, who is male, not a sewer, but a good driver, shopper, and companion. And he wants me to make him some pillow covers and an ottoman cover so we were shopping for that for him.

In one of the drapery shops a customer got out this to show the clerk and I happened to be standing right there so I stuck my nose in to see:

It's a christening dress he made for his god-daughter's newborn daughter. That's right, I said he. The maker is a man. I nearly asked him to marry me - or out for lunch - but my shopping companion would not have been impressed. The maker had also knit a beautiful shawl to go with the dress. He was likely in his mid 50s and finds sewing and knitting relaxing - just like the rest of us. He owns his own business and is going to start making heirloom christening gowns on the side. He figures this one took about 50 hours; he learned by watching youtube and from some DVDs and books. The work is exquisite and the gown absolutely beautiful! I wish now I'd have gotten his business card to follow his progress in the business.

I finished another Dear Jane block. This one looked pretty tricky but turned out to be less scary than I thought.

I hope to get a little more sewing done tomorrow. I am determined to have more than 2 blocks finished of my homework when we meet in 2 weeks again.