Monday, 23 June 2014

My Latest Project

I've been very busy around here, doing the job that pays the bills. I'm almost finished though and have a sewing project that needs my attention.

I've wanted to make a pictorial quilt for awhile - I like the way they look and I think it's a neat way to quilt. An opportunity arose for me to make one, so I've jumped on it.

My Uncle Gerald owns the family farm - my grandparents bought it in 1943 (or maybe 1942). My mom was born there and raised there as well. I spent a lot of time there as a kid and have many fond memories of being on the farm. My uncle has had several health problems, most recently a partial paralysis in February. He talked about selling the farm then - luckily he's recovered enough and is not selling right away, but I think a sale is in the works. He also turned 65 on June 21, so I decided to make a pictorial quilt wall hanging of the farm for his birthday present. There is a big party next Sunday, so I have a lot of sewing to get finished.

On the May long weekend my sister and her fiancee came home and we went to the farm so that Ian could take photos for me.

This is my master photo:

I took a Craftsy class to get some ideas - and it helped a lot.

Here are some progress pics - if there is a glare it's from the vinyl overlay.
This is my pattern master, printed actual size - 2' x 3' I think

making patterns using freezer paper

using highlighters to mark the colours of clouds

first layer of fabric, building forward
a tree

where I ended off tonight.
It's coming together really nicely and I'm pretty proud of myself. I just need enough time to get the sewing finished!

I'm linking up to Patchworktimes tonight.