Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Remember to Blink

I took a quick break from my sister's wedding quilt (here, here, and here) this weekend to whip up a quilt for a baby shower. The parents-to-be are the brother and sister in law of my sister in law. I see them a lot at family gatherings and this is their first child - a cousin for my nieces.

I made them this quilt

Which is a pattern I borrowed from Buttons Quilts and it was super easy.
I quilted all straight lines, with the walking foot, doing stitch in the ditch down and across the sashing, then horizontal and vertical to match all the small squares - I ended up with a big grid of about 4" squares, interspersed with some 2" lines/squares. It looked good. If you look hard you can see the lines in the orange square.

I marked the lines using my hera marker - it just makes an imprint line in the fabric which I don't have to remove later - a total bonus given my tight timelines these days. It was pretty easy to see - it was an overcast day and that might have helped.

When I was quilting along the sashing, like here
and here
I had to keep reminding myself to blink - blinking helped keep me accurate I think. The pattern on the fabric is busy and almost mesmerizing too.

The label:

My nieces coloured the fronts of these cushions on our last crafternoon so that they would have something to give their new cousin. The backs of the pillows matches the back of the quilt.

The soon-to-be mommy loved them.