Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A & E Pharmacy, fabric, and appliace store

Today I went to the store the Martelli lady recommended. It's called A & E Pharmacy and doesn't have a website, so I was a little leery.

They have a lot of fabric! and most if it's on sale - sort of. I think it was definitely worth the visit. Here's some photos:

Kaffe Fasset / Amy Butler wall

I think this is Kate Spain

or maybe this is

the Kona solids section - they might just have every colour
 I need some notes for myself:
-everything brought in in the years before 2010 was 50% off
-everything from 2011-2012 was 20% off
but, there were a lot of restrictions - mostly everything I would want.
A lot of the fabric is a little dated - the newest things I could find were pearl bracelet and some Seuss - for sure the Seuss is restricted in the sale.
They won't cut fat 1/4s either - only skinny quarters or larger.

It's comparable at home to a Len's Mills store - the prices are decent but the stock a little dated.

I didn't buy anything. They didn't have what I really wanted and I'm not stash building right now. Everything I look at now looks like something else I need for my house - new floors, a new chimney, the garden, and so on - takes some of the joy out of shopping.

If I'm down here again I'd stop in again though - it's always worth a look.