Friday, 14 August 2015

Quilt Retreat Part 2

This is part 2 of my retreat - the "less" part of the finished quilts.

My goal on the retreat was to finish 2 quilt tops - and I was sort of successful. There are 2 finished tops, but the second isn't big enough so I'll have to add to it, which might require doing some un-sewing.

Here is what's done so far

This is for another 5 year old, daughter of yet another cousin. (We had 3 little girls born two weeks apart one year, with another to follow a few months later - hence, the plethora of 5 year old girls in my family)

I used the "chic shells" pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful, which uses the quick curve ruler. I think I'm in love with this ruler (it is the same I used for the metro rings quilt). I had 7 pieces of fabric I purchased years ago, each 1/2 yard. I figured out my math and figured I could make it work. Not such a good idea.

I had an epic math fail. I failed to account for the partial clams on the sides and top and so I was significantly short fabric and clams. I dug into what I'd brought along - the lightest pink then got added. I was closer to the size I wanted, but still not. This is destined to be a twin size and it's more crib size. It's basically wide enough but missing some significant length.

When I got home I hunted on the internet and found enough of the fabric (Coquette by Chez Moi for Moda) to add to the quilt. I've ordered it and it should arrive shortly. It will cost me a small fortune due to US shipping and our poor dollar, but this little girl is worth it! I'll probably have to rearrange some of the clams so everything looks orderly and that will require un-sewing. I'll survive - and make sure my math is better next time.

I'll keep you posted.