Sunday, 30 August 2015

Babies Everywhere

The school where I work has a higher than normal rate of baby production. Our staff is large and at that age and stage. If I know the new parent well enough, and like them, I usually make something for the baby.

This set is for a baby boy that is due in October. The shower is mid Sept (and I'm invited) and I got a head start on what I wanted to make for this baby. I'm very fond of these parents.
3 pairs of crib shoes (different sizes), a knit hat cuz he's a winter baby, and 3 bibs
This gift is for a baby girl born in August. I know the dad, but not the mom.

A knit hat and 2 bibs
And finally, my naturopath, who I'm very fond of and who really likes my handmade items, had a baby girl in July.

2 pairs of crib shoes (different sizes) and 2 bibs
I like making things for new babies - it feels like an especially warm welcome into the world. The parents always love what I've made (and if they don't, they don't tell me).