Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Local Quilt Show

Last weekend my friend C and I volunteered at the quilt show our guild holds. There were a lot of interesting quilts to see. The guild members create way more modern quilts that I thought - people don't always show what they've made during "show and tell" at our meetings.
Here's what I found interesting:

Neat Hallowe'en theme

C with her quilt

and her bag

liked the low volume in this one

liked the reds in this one

neat border with the curved piecing

L - remember you were trying to figure this out and I said the blocks were all the same size and that fact that they looked different was an optical illusion and you didn't believe me?

told you so :)

the mini quilts are all pieced!


art 2

close up of art 2 - the leaves are made with wool bits

we should go here; http://www.stjacobs.com/quilt-fibre-festival