Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I've been cutting and I don't like stripes

Tonight I did some cutting for my Under the Stars quilt. It needs 156 3"x3" blocks - I just cut up all the fabric so I'm not sure how many I have. I hope I have way more than enough cause I don't like all the fabric.

Here's one of each block:
It's a little dark in the sewing room at night
I don't really like row 1, 2nd from right (red and green plaid) or row 2, second from left (red, black, white stripes). I just don't like them and hope I don't have to use them. Everything else I'm okay with or like.

Here's the thing that I learned about stripes - on the very first quilt I ever pieced - if they aren't on the straight of grain, they'll always look crooked. I don't like crooked unless it's on purpose, it makes me feel wonky and off kilter, and I think it makes me look like I can't sew a straight seam. Ironically, on this quilt, the two fabrics I don't really like are fairly straight on the grain and the other stripes are off. For this quilt, I'll call that whimsy.