Sunday, 10 February 2013

M13 and a switch of direction

I finished M13 today. That is the last of the square blocks for this month. I have 2 triangle blocks to do which involve a lot of paper piecing and I don't feel like doing that right now.

And I was thinking this afternoon. I'm sewing and sewing on the Dear Jane and I get 10 blocks done a month, but I don't have enough to sew into something yet, so it feels like I don't get much accomplished.

So, I decided tonight to start cutting up a flannel kit that I bought a few years ago. I've been thinking about this quilt since I moved into my new house. I want to snuggle under it in front of the fire, and since it's almost mid February, maybe I should get busy on it.

Here's the pattern:

And here's the flannel from the kit that I started cutting up:

These aren't really my colours, but I have a thing for snowmen so I'll love it anyway.