Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Successful Shopping Day

Last Saturday I went fabric shopping and it was a bust. Bought nothing - for a variety of reasons.

Today I went shopping with C and it was a huge success.  Normally C, L, and I go out together - L is out for a bit because she has a newborn.

We started in a local quilt shop that had a 30% off pre-inventory sale - off everything, notions included (with a .5m minimum cut on bolts). They were shut down for about 3 weeks with the ice storm we had in December - usually this sale is between Christmas and New Year's - this year it's later and longer.  I also registered for the last leg of my Dear Jane class.

I shopped away and picked up this bundle

The colour is off in this picture - it's various shades of cream with a purple blender type fabric. It will be a low volume quilt for someone I work with. I'll take more pictures of the progress in daylight so the colours should show up better.

I also picked up this pattern:

I've seen it made - someone at guild made one - it's stunning. I owe a cousin a wedding quilt - she's been married about 5 years now so it's time I got going on it. In my defence, for my late start, she can't decide what she wants or a colour scheme so I've decided for her.

Then we hit a yarn shop. C would like to learn to knit so we decided to stop there to see what they had.
There I got:
It's a pattern for fingerless and mostly thumbless mitts. The yarn is cashmere and feels delightful. The colours aren't great here either - the top is a pink/red/tomato colour for me and the bottom a purple for C.

Then a quick stop for lunch.

The we headed into Toronto to Sew Sisters. I've never been there. It's a great shop and I'd definitely go again.
There I picked up:
This pattern book - I like the one on the front cover.

And this fabric for crib shoes:

It's a lot of sports fabric - which would suit some boys.

Overall, I outspent C by quite a bit. This is highly unusual. Usually C and L bully each other into spending and I'm a tight wad. Today I spent. It is good.

On the way home, we were busy chatting and took a detour through the airport because of a turn we made. I'd just like to say that I wasn't driving.

Tonight I finished this Dear Jane block:
And I did some marking too and my pile finally looks like it might be shrinking.

How did you spend your Saturday?