Sunday, 9 September 2012

Coquette, wide mouth pouch, and a week

What a week it's been. Work is back in session and it was super busy - no time to sew, write a blog, or read a blog! Hopefully next week slows down a bit.

This deliciousness arrived Thursday from Intrepid Thread:

It's called Coquette, and along with some white, will made a quilt for my cousin's little girl (E) who will turn three in October. I will use some variation of a drunkard's path.

I have several options in mind:

option one which I can't copy/pin and I think it might be my favourite

and these ones:
Option 2 from

option 3 from

option 4 from:
Any thoughts or opinions on layout?

Last weekend I tried to make a triangle pouch for my purse - it was too small. I tried again this weekend and am successful. I blogged about the first pouch I made here; this one has different measurements than the first one, but same process.
all finished and closed

open with all my purse junk in it
I'm not sure what I'll work on this week. That bra pattern didn't get worked on before going back to work, so it might be that.