Friday, 12 July 2013

Progress on the plans

Last week I made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish on summer vacation. Here's my progress to date...

Right now my main floor family room looks like this

because I've prepping to paint the back wall. Right now it's a lovely shade of peach, soon to be replaced by "vintage linen" to match the other walls. And new drapes will be sewn by me to grace the space.

To keep the family room company, I did this to the sewing room floor tonight

I'm working on the quilt for my niece. So far, here's my progress

There will be 15 blocks with pictures in them. They'll look better once I've stitched around and added details - the top left is an elephant with a zebra below - and a hippo below that. My friend C will be supplying the dark grey fabric for the hippo (I had to google "what colour is a hippo" to be sure they are dark grey). The hearts actually look like hearts right now. I've been thinking about ways to add details to the pictures with thread cause I'm dying to try thread painting but I'm a little intimidated by it.