Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dear Jane

My homework for my class next weekend is finished. I am not enjoying the paper piecing - I have a few problems in these blocks - a few places the raw edge will/is showing - I've fray-checked it though and am not ripping it out. I'm also sick of the pink checked fabric - too much of it this time - and it went off square when I washed it, so those blocks always look a little wonky.

I tried ironing the paper, with steam, before drawing on the paper piece design. I was hoping I could then press with steam when making them - it helped a bit with reducing shrinking.

At our next class we get double (or more) the homework for over the summer since we won't meet again until the end of Sept.

I've used 808 pieces to date.


H13 - this was supposed to be on point with the white making an 'x' - oops - measuring error before sewing and I didn't rip it out


T2 - top, 2nd from left