Sunday, 17 February 2013


I do like working on my Dear Jane quilt - finishing those fiddly squares and triangles gives me a sense of skill and accomplishment.
These triangles were a bit of a pain. A lot of paper piecing in this one:
It turned out fine. Maybe my eyesight is going though because it looks like it leans to the left a little. Actually, most of my triangles look like they lean to the left. I hope when they all get sewn together that they straighten out!

This is likely the hardest triangle in the border. I had to psyche myself up for it. It turned out fine:


My picture doesn't do the medallion piecing justice - I'll have to try for a more close up picture tomorrow.

I'm all caught up for my January homework (still behind on 2012 blocks though - they'll get done).  My next class is next Saturday where we all reveal our blocks and get our next assignment. We're going to get more triangles every month so that we get them finished.