Monday, 27 January 2014

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snow Day X2

The weather has been frigidly cold in my area lately and this weekend was no exception - except that we also had snow that blew around quite a bit.

Saturday I was supposed to have my Dear Jane class, but it got cancelled due to the weather. I was going to visit my friend L and her new baby, but woke up with a stuffy head (that later went away) so I opted to reschedule. It was a snow day.

I should have marked exams - didn't. I knitted and sat in front of the fire instead. I finished one of the mittlets I bought the pattern for last Saturday. It's cashmere and yummy - and the photo won't come through on email so I'll post them when they are finished.

I worked on some Dear Jane last night and tonight - the good thing about class being cancelled is that I didn't have my homework finished and I got a chance to catch up. Today turned into a snow day too - book club rescheduled due to blowing snow.

K9 - it might look familiar because it was also homework in June 2012 so now I have a double



And I've met my goal for Dear Jane for this month.
Now, I've got to start sewing my drapes - it's cold in the family room and they are one of my projects to complete before the end of January.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Design Wall Monday

I got some sewing finished after our shopping trip. And I'm tired, and it's past my bed time, so this will be short and sweet.

Here's the Design Wall tonight:

I've added some Dear Jane border pieces:

BR 1

LS 9
And I made some baby shoes:

I'm linking up to Patchworktimes.
And now I'm going to bed cause it's past my bedtime.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Successful Shopping Day

Last Saturday I went fabric shopping and it was a bust. Bought nothing - for a variety of reasons.

Today I went shopping with C and it was a huge success.  Normally C, L, and I go out together - L is out for a bit because she has a newborn.

We started in a local quilt shop that had a 30% off pre-inventory sale - off everything, notions included (with a .5m minimum cut on bolts). They were shut down for about 3 weeks with the ice storm we had in December - usually this sale is between Christmas and New Year's - this year it's later and longer.  I also registered for the last leg of my Dear Jane class.

I shopped away and picked up this bundle

The colour is off in this picture - it's various shades of cream with a purple blender type fabric. It will be a low volume quilt for someone I work with. I'll take more pictures of the progress in daylight so the colours should show up better.

I also picked up this pattern:

I've seen it made - someone at guild made one - it's stunning. I owe a cousin a wedding quilt - she's been married about 5 years now so it's time I got going on it. In my defence, for my late start, she can't decide what she wants or a colour scheme so I've decided for her.

Then we hit a yarn shop. C would like to learn to knit so we decided to stop there to see what they had.
There I got:
It's a pattern for fingerless and mostly thumbless mitts. The yarn is cashmere and feels delightful. The colours aren't great here either - the top is a pink/red/tomato colour for me and the bottom a purple for C.

Then a quick stop for lunch.

The we headed into Toronto to Sew Sisters. I've never been there. It's a great shop and I'd definitely go again.
There I picked up:
This pattern book - I like the one on the front cover.

And this fabric for crib shoes:

It's a lot of sports fabric - which would suit some boys.

Overall, I outspent C by quite a bit. This is highly unusual. Usually C and L bully each other into spending and I'm a tight wad. Today I spent. It is good.

On the way home, we were busy chatting and took a detour through the airport because of a turn we made. I'd just like to say that I wasn't driving.

Tonight I finished this Dear Jane block:
And I did some marking too and my pile finally looks like it might be shrinking.

How did you spend your Saturday?

Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Bust of a Sewing Day

Today was a failed FART - fabric acquisition road trip.

It's January here in Ontario and the weather has been crazy. This past week we've been in a deep freeze and today we're on the plus side of zero. It's been foggy, wet, and damp. And with all the ice we had before Christmas it can be a bit treacherous out there.

All week I've been looking forward to today - I'd planned a trip to a favourite quilt store for their semi-annual sale. I love the store and was excited about the sale.

I have to say I'm disappointed.

I trekked to the quilt shop (50 minutes) to arrive shortly after they opened. The parking lot was jammed and so I drove around. I got stuck at the bottom of two hills because it was just icy enough that I couldn't get back up them. So I parked a ways away and walked in. My friends C and L were invited to come along but both had other plans. I missed them but am actually glad L couldn't make it - she's 8 1/2 months pregnant and I'd have been pretty worried on the ice for her.

The store is not that big - in an old Victorian house. I think there were at least 75 people in there. It was hot and crowded. The sale was okay - yarn on sale for a couple of dollars off per skein. Fabric that was on sale was all put in the centre of the store - it was a minimum .5m cut. None of it was anything I wanted - it was all older stock. I was hoping the entire store was reduced in price - alas, not to be.

I looked around a bit but it was so crowded and I wasn't willing to wait for the 20 people in line ahead of me to pay, so I left and I'll go back another day.

My favourite lunch place is just across the road - it too was jammed. So, I came home.

The good things about the trip is that I arrived home safe and sound and I know their semi-annual sale isn't something I need to attend. I'm much happier when the store is less crowded.

I was looking for fabric for a baby girl quilt for a friend at school.

Here's my drawing of the design:
with a little kitty help on the side
It's modelled after this quilt here which I found on pinterest. It looks like a gift wrapped present, sort of.

The mommy like a lilac purple, creams, whites. I couldn't find enough of what I liked at the store today (actually also a plus for the day) so I think I'm going to change the design to a simple plus quilt in fairly low volume.

Another local quilt store has a 30% off everything sale starting next Tues - I may try there or I'll go back to the other store.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2 of 48 Completed

I've gotten a little sewing finished this week. I've been working on my Dear Jane blocks. I have 48 square blocks to finish in 2014 - now 46 since I've finished two this week.

 F9 is a lovely little block. I took a few pictures of my mistakes - where I thought I was smarter than the blogger who has made several Dear Janes and had a great blog about it. Turns out I'm never as smart as I think I might be. Then I pushed the wrong button on the computer and the photos deleted. What I thought I could do was take the outer white portion and applique it on in one giant piece, rather than four.  A great idea till I got to the point where the curves reach a point and I realized there was then no seam to turn under. Ah well, the block is finished. I may or may not rip out one of the petals - top row, left side - because it will fall into the seam allowance and cut the end off. I may or may not care about that.

A paper pieced block. I didn't read any online instructions, but thought I'd be smart and just trace out the whole block - maybe it's just tiredness. Then I realized that the outer borders have to be separate pieces because of that darn corner that sticks out from the inner squares. It turned out fine anyway.

Friday, 3 January 2014

2014 Here I Come

My friend L has already reviewed her quilts of 2013 and set her goals for 2014 and she's 8 1/2 months pregnant. She's amazing and my hero!

I am not by nature super organized and I'm okay with that (if I got super organized I'd never have anything to set as a theme for the year). Here's my review of 2013 and goals for 2014 all in one big post.

2013 Review:
Dear Jane - I seem to sew and sew and sew and it never feels like I get much done. Two women in the class are actually finished all 169 square blocks. I'm not there - yet.
I finished 33 blocks this year (doesn't sound too great), which equals 743 pieces (sounds better).

I made some really cute baby shoes - some for gifts and some I sold.

I finished this quilt top for my niece

2014 Goals:

Dear Jane
I have 48 square blocks and 44 triangles left to go - that equals 7.6 blocks per month in 2014. So, I'll aim for 8 blocks per month.

Quilt my niece's quilt - before the end of Feb so I can show it at the guild meeting on Feb 27th.

Make the drapes for my family room before the end of January. I've figured out the math I think

Make a baby quilt for someone at work - before  March 2nd cause that's the baby shower date. I'm thinking low volume and have a simple pattern picked out.

Make a crosses quilt for a 1 year old - during March break.

Be more chatty on my blog. I'm not chatty by nature and I think I'm too vague on my blog and that my personality doesn't come through as much as I'd like it to.

Finish a red and white hunter's star - by June 15th - in case the recipient comes home for a family gathering.

Those are all the sewing goals I'm setting for this year. Life will create more as I go through the year. Everything else that gets finished beyond this will be a bonus.

My personal theme for the year is health and wellness and meeting those goals will also take some time.

Wish me luck!