Monday, 27 May 2013

Expecting Twins...

...and thank goodness it's not me. The only thing I'm expecting is for June to finish and July and August to start!

A woman I work with is expecting twins and she doesn't know the gender. I picked up this little cutie on a recent outing. There are 2 of them but only one fits on the design board.

It's dark outside, so the picture looks a little faded. The elephants are grey and the border a light grey polka dot. Both tops will be the same but I got slightly different backings - both grey flannel but different shades and dots.

I'll post more closeups once I get started quilting - maybe tomorrow night!

I'm linking up to PatchworkTimes to see what everyone else is up to.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cutie Crib Shoes and Dear Jane Update

Today was Dear Jane class for this month. I finished a total of 4 blocks - twice as many as I did last month, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself.

The class took a vote over email this past week and the results were released today. We are extending the class to June of 2014. That sounds really, really far away - but, it comes with a bonus! The number of blocks we have to complete per month is dropped considerably. Fantastic! Over the summer I'll catch up on what I'm behind in and will be able to sew other things too, since I'll only have to finish 5 blocks per month, rather than 10. I have to sew the first 4 rows together over the summer and need to do 12 blocks to get that done. Then I should only be behind by about 30 blocks.

I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Today I finished off some crib shoes for a colleague. The baby (a boy) was born in mid-April. This colleague and I share the same first name, so we've always had a bit of a connection.

They look kinda orange in this light, but really they are red, with mustard coloured monkeys on them. The inside is the same colour as the monkeys. They are cute as can be and man, babies have small feet! They are sized 3-6 months, so they should fit the little fella just fine. The pattern is by Sweat Pea Patterns  who had a sale on awhile ago and I bought a bunch of different varieties of crib shoes.

My  next projects are all practical ones: throw cushions and an ottoman cover for a friend and new drapes for me. I need to get my machine serviced soon too, so will have to plan that date out carefully - usually I do it when it coincides with a bunch of marking, when I don't have time to sew anyway.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Design Wall Monday

Today was a beautiful day! Especially since it's Victoria Day and I didn't have to go to work. I got some more gardening done and did some sewing.

This block was kinda tricky, even though it doesn't look that bad. I'm going to lose my points on my HSTs when I sew it into the quilt - not sure how that happened.

This is what my design wall looks like:
May 20
And I'm linking up to Patchwork Times.

I'm also working on some very cute crib shoes, using a pattern I bought on Etsy. I've hit a snag with a confusing measurement so I emailed the pattern creator and am waiting to hear back. More on those another day.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

C and L - this one if for you two!

Quilt Shop Hopping and Back to Dear Jane

Today was a beautiful day. My friends C and L and I designed ourselves a little shop hop tour. We went to Greenwood Quiltery and The Quilter's Nine Patch. (We also made a detour to the Farm Supply and Home Hardware in Elmira because I wanted some binder twine to use when gardening, but they didn't have any). We had a great day!

I bought a few things at Greenwood - I'll post them another day.

I finished another Dear Jane block tonight:
I don't know if I'll get all my homework for this month finished but I will have more finished than last month.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

An Interesting Day

I went to the Hamilton fabric district today to pick up fabric I'd ordered for new drapes for my house. (I love it! and will post photos when I get to sewing the drapes). I took along my friend M, who is male, not a sewer, but a good driver, shopper, and companion. And he wants me to make him some pillow covers and an ottoman cover so we were shopping for that for him.

In one of the drapery shops a customer got out this to show the clerk and I happened to be standing right there so I stuck my nose in to see:

It's a christening dress he made for his god-daughter's newborn daughter. That's right, I said he. The maker is a man. I nearly asked him to marry me - or out for lunch - but my shopping companion would not have been impressed. The maker had also knit a beautiful shawl to go with the dress. He was likely in his mid 50s and finds sewing and knitting relaxing - just like the rest of us. He owns his own business and is going to start making heirloom christening gowns on the side. He figures this one took about 50 hours; he learned by watching youtube and from some DVDs and books. The work is exquisite and the gown absolutely beautiful! I wish now I'd have gotten his business card to follow his progress in the business.

I finished another Dear Jane block. This one looked pretty tricky but turned out to be less scary than I thought.

I hope to get a little more sewing done tomorrow. I am determined to have more than 2 blocks finished of my homework when we meet in 2 weeks again.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Local Quilt Show

Last weekend my friend C and I volunteered at the quilt show our guild holds. There were a lot of interesting quilts to see. The guild members create way more modern quilts that I thought - people don't always show what they've made during "show and tell" at our meetings.
Here's what I found interesting:

Neat Hallowe'en theme

C with her quilt

and her bag

liked the low volume in this one

liked the reds in this one

neat border with the curved piecing

L - remember you were trying to figure this out and I said the blocks were all the same size and that fact that they looked different was an optical illusion and you didn't believe me?

told you so :)

the mini quilts are all pieced!


art 2

close up of art 2 - the leaves are made with wool bits

we should go here;


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Creative Show and back to Dear Jane

Last weekend I went to the Creative show with my friend C, who also quilts. Sometimes I'm disappointed by the show - I found some things I liked this year, but found the overall number of vendors quite low for the admission price I paid to get in.

Here's what I bought (all fat quarter sizes):

I liked the sayings on this - turn your head sideways to see them

these will become baby booties for a co-worker (who shares the same first name as me)

these will likely also become baby booties

this I just thought was so cute!

This weekend the Brampton Quilt Guild is holding their bi-annual show. C and I sold raffle tickets in the morning, then toured the show. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. I was inspired to get some sewing done so tonight I ignored my school work and headed up to the sewing room.

B11 is finished:
I looked back in my book to see what I've finished this year. Every month we get assigned 10 blocks. I haven't finished all my homework yet this year. This will be my month and I'm determined to get through all 10. They are almost all paper pieced this month so that might try my patience.

I was talking to a lady at the quilt show today, telling her I was making a Dear Jane - she called it "Damn Jane", which some days, is not far off.