Monday, 21 October 2013

Design Wall Monday

I made great progress this weekend - I decided I'd worked at my job hard enough all week and that I needed some rest and play time.

I love having my sewing room on the main floor - it's so easy to slip over there and sew for a bit here and there. For some reason, going up the stairs before was a huge obstacle.

Here's what's on the design wall this week

This is all my progress to date; Row D and E of Dear Jane and the top row of the Animal Parade quilt for my niece

Close up of Animal Parade
Check out what everyone else is up to.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

I Got My Homework Done!

In my Dear Jane class we get a certain number of blocks assigned each month. I've been woefully behind in my homework all this year (and as a teacher, it's a bit embarrassing). This month I've finished the homework and with a week to spare.



Dreaded Triangle 1 Top Row 11

Dreaded Triangle 2 Top Row 12
It feels pretty good to get my homework done - I feel like I deserve a gold star.

Monday, 14 October 2013


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I'm so grateful for all the many blessings in my life.

All summer I worked, with my dad, on renovating my house. This weekend I moved part of my sewing room down to the main floor. My new sewing room is in my front room and is much larger than the bedroom upstairs, has better natural light, and will let me do a few more things. I'll still have to use the upstairs bedroom for sewing storage, etc. - there isn't a closet in the front room and the one in the bedroom is full!

my view when I sew - out into the front yard

the other end of the room; I still have a lot of tidying and sorting to do


I sewed for the first time in my new sewing room tonight and it was a dream. I looked for over a year for this house and it took me quite a while to realise I was looking for a sewing room with a house attached. Thankfully I found it.
Design Wall - still upstairs but it will come downstairs soon. These are rows D and E.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Work has been crazy busy in the last few weeks and I've been working on trying to finish my house renovations.

I'm moving my sewing room down to the main floor this weekend and I'm super excited about it.

I think I took these photos over a week ago - but I haven't gotten any sewing in since then so they're current.

another pair of baby shoes for a friend

my design wall with rows D and E of Dear Jane

Last time I tried to sew my cat and I fought over who would sit in the sewing chair; we ended in a tie

a Dear Jane block

another Dear Jane

the most recent Dear Jane