Sunday, 14 June 2015

Another template to the rescue

I was debating whether or not to quilt the melons in this quilt - most people I asked said yes - that's what I really thought too but there are 64 of them.

I tried a bunch of different ideas and finally settled on something simple that filled the space, was easy to mark, and echoed the other designs. A lot of people online used a lot of pebbles in this quilt and that's just not in my repertoire with my current machine.

I made myself another template and got to work. These went together really quickly and I have no issues quilting the melons.

My template (the straight lines align with the seam line down the middle)

My dots:


The templates I made and used for this quilt have been simple but very effective and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

Heading for the Border

I've finished the quilting (I think, still have to check the back) of my sister's wedding quilt. The wedding was June 5th so I'm a little late.
The borders are one. The quilt was pretty square before I put the borders on and they are laying flat (on top); the underside is a slightly different story, but it's going to be hidden inside the duvet cover. There were some border issues earlier - I'm much happier now.
I'm just doing straight lines in the borders, using painter's tape to mark with. The quilt is now so heavy and awkward I'm not as interested in finishing, but finish I must!

  The quilt is so big now and I'm not tall enough to get it all in the picture

1.5" wide painters tape marking the borders.

What are you up to?