Thursday, 13 March 2014

That Second Noise...

I was happily sewing away on my drapes, when suddenly there was a noise, and not a good one. The needle came loose and went down into the bobbin case for at least two stitches until I realized what happened. I swore. Then I took apart everything, found the broken piece of the needle and put everything back together. That's when the second noise started. It's the one that's most worrisome because it sounds like two things are rubbing together in the bobbin case that shouldn't be rubbing. So I took it apart again - didn't solve the problem. Then I got a little worried because as much as I'd like a new machine, I don't want to have to pay for one right now. So, I decided to call Danny, my repair man. There was no answer. Damn. I'm hoping he was just busy so didn't answer the phone - and not that he's on vacation. (After all, I have drapes and Dear Jane blocks to get finished.)

The first panel of drapes is together and hemmed on all edges. I just need to put the pleats in. The second drape is here

with three sides finished.

I went on a shopping trip on Tuesday to Niagara with a friend. It was a beautiful day - 13C - sunny and warm. We stopped at the Bee Modern quilt shop and I picked these up for baby shoes

organic cotton

organic cotton

organic cotton

just cute
The place I wanted to go to for lunch was closed - a minor bummer in the day. All in all, it was a great day.

Here's hoping my machine is fixed quickly. Until then, I'll get some knitting done and do some hand applique for Dear Jane.