Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Sometimes It's The Little Things

I've been knitting lately - I think because I do it in front of the tv and fan while watching Suits on Netflix. 

A former colleague and his wife are having a baby towards the end of August. The dad, who I knew first, always asked (and seemed interested in) my crafty and quilty creative pursuits. When I asked if they'd like something sewn or knit for their new baby, they asked for something knit.

I looked through my books and found a cute sweater pattern. It fit my criteria - I already had the needles and pattern and it was small so likely quick - so I didn't have to dish out any money for that and not too much time. The pattern is made with a solid yarn and has enough variety in the stitches that I figured it would keep me occupied and interested, but be simple.

The little thing is kicking my arse! I have pulled it back, due to mistakes caused by misreading the instructions, enough times that I would almost be finished by now.

Where my finger is below, is a pretty sizable mistake in the pattern. Then I looked over the pattern more carefully, and realized it was about 2" too long. Of course I didn't notice until I was almost finished the back. The pattern is tricky enough, and I'm only skilled enough as a knitter, that I had to pull the whole thing back to start again.

Then I got the back finished - there is still a mistake, but only I'd notice it.
Then I got started on the left front. I didn't read the instructions carefully, and realized, when I was almost finished, that I read incorrectly again. So I pulled it back. And re-knit some more - and pulled it back again.

I don't know what my problem is with it. Maybe the heat is getting to me. I just was texting with my friend Buttons, about errors vs design choices. I should follow my own advice. However, if I make one more mistake I'm not pulling it back - it either has to work as is, or I'm tossing it.