Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snow Day X2

The weather has been frigidly cold in my area lately and this weekend was no exception - except that we also had snow that blew around quite a bit.

Saturday I was supposed to have my Dear Jane class, but it got cancelled due to the weather. I was going to visit my friend L and her new baby, but woke up with a stuffy head (that later went away) so I opted to reschedule. It was a snow day.

I should have marked exams - didn't. I knitted and sat in front of the fire instead. I finished one of the mittlets I bought the pattern for last Saturday. It's cashmere and yummy - and the photo won't come through on email so I'll post them when they are finished.

I worked on some Dear Jane last night and tonight - the good thing about class being cancelled is that I didn't have my homework finished and I got a chance to catch up. Today turned into a snow day too - book club rescheduled due to blowing snow.

K9 - it might look familiar because it was also homework in June 2012 so now I have a double



And I've met my goal for Dear Jane for this month.
Now, I've got to start sewing my drapes - it's cold in the family room and they are one of my projects to complete before the end of January.