Sunday, 7 October 2012

Back to Dear Jane and other sewing tidbits

It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend for family, relaxation, and sewing.

I'm back to my Dear Jane quilt - the class started up again. So far, here's what I've finished:




I haven't worked on these since the end of July - I forgot how tricky some of them can be. At least we started with C11, which was fairly straight forward.

I also finished a scarf I knitted for my cousin who lived abroad. She's been home for a visit and it's an early birthday present. The yarn is 100% bamboo and is divine.

the detail shot

the "artsy" shot
And finally, I need to stop sewing over pins

this beauty was created trying to hem a pair of yoga pants.

Tomorrow we are having Thanksgiving dinner at supper time so I hope to get some sewing in before I have to clean off the dining room table of my sewing gear so that we can eat.

Happy Thanksgiving!