Saturday, 27 April 2013

Mini Quilt Part 2

I found my sewing room tonight for a bit. I finished up the main pieces for the mini quilt I want to finish for my guild's show next weekend. Nothing like cutting it short!

Here's my original layout idea with either black or white background:
I was hoping for a spinning effect in the star - it didn't quite work. I think the red is overpowering and skewing my spin.

I can't decide on a background - any suggestions?

I want to bind it with this:

mostly because it has all the colours in it, I included it in the star, and I don't really care for it for anything I'd make for myself. (Although it did very well for it's intended purpose, which was a back for a pillow I made for my cousin before she moved to Germany.
I tried these layouts too:
layout 2

Layout 3, with helper

I think I like layout 2 the best. Any suggestions on which layout?

Here's the layouts sort of side by side:

I need to get this sucker finished!

I had my Dear Jane class today and I'm woefully behind, so I need to get going so I complete my 10 blocks before the next class.