Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dear Jane

I set myself down at the sewing table tonight after all my house blessing (aka cooking and cleaning up) jobs were finished.
I have two more Dear Jane blocks done - they are fiddly and have tiny pieces. And it didn't help that I burned a finger and thumb cooking supper - I took the bandaids off cause they were interfering with my sewing! And my finger is fine.

Imagine A13 and C10 inserted right here.

For some reason I can't uploade photos from my computer right now. I had this problem once before I don't remember how I fixed it. I'll try for the photos tomorrow.

I found a new website with some instructions that are different that the other website I was using. Somewhere between the two sites and my own creativity I can figure out how to do the block.

Right now, I'm really jealous of my friend L who has found a lot more time to sew than I'm finding right now.