Monday, 8 September 2014

Blog Around the World

My friend L is a prolific quilter and blogger (and a great mom too). A few weeks ago she asked our friend C and I to participate in this Blog Around the World. I said yes (as usual) and promptly forgot all about it (not usual). Until L reminded me tonight that I had to post tonight. I'm sure I've forgotten what I'm all supposed to do.

Here's what I could glean about what I'm supposed to do...

1. What am I working on?
Way, way too much. Hold on while I go take a few pictures (in this dark evening light)

a) I knit too. This is a very cute sweater for L's baby. This is the front, back, collar, and the beginnings of a sleeve.

b) I did a swoon-along with C and L this summer and I was the first to finish making the top. My progress is stalled since then. This is for my cousin's little girl. It's her - welcome to the world quilt. She'll be 5 the end of Oct. Sigh.

c) This is my ironing board. Full of bra making supplies (I am in a state of desperation for them) and two partial Dear Jane rows.

d) This is my actual design wall and the (damn) Dear Jane quilt (which is what I really need to be working on. These are rows D and E completed.

e) This is my dining room table. On here are parts of bra making supplies, two pillow cases for Xmas presents and a couple of pairs of baby shoes. I think that's all that's on here. Oh, wait, some bib making supplies. And fabric for a dress for L's little one.

This shameless display of un-finished-ness also carries on upstairs in my house, but is out of sight so out of mind.

2. How does my work differ from others who quilt?

I think we're all different and that's what makes quilting so great. I like to do patterns that are more on the traditional side with fabric that is more on the modern side. 

3. Why do I quilt?

So I don't go insane. I like it. I especially like how appreciative other people are when I give them a gift that is handmade (not only quilts); I can see that they really love that I took the time to create something for them that they can't do themselves.
That being said I need to start doing some sewing and crafting for myself. For all the quilts I've made, I only have one wall-hanging for myself. Nothing to snuggle under at all. I'm working on changing that (there are patterns in my wip containers).

4. What is my creative process?

I don't really have a process. I wait for inspiration to hit and when it does, I listen. I sometimes go long periods where nothing catches my attention, then I find a project or fabric or idea that I like and I go with it. I read some blogs and I really like instagram for ideas. I have thousands of pins on pinterest (and I do look at them). I like variety and I think that's why I switch between projects before they are finished. My Dear Jane quilt is a case in point; I get so sick of it sometimes that I need to put it aside and work on something else - eventually I get back to it.

I hope you've learned a little bit about me.

I think I'm supposed to refer you on to other bloggers (but I've neglected to make arrangements for that). Here are some bloggers I enjoy - and I'll ask them if they are interested in participating, so if they don't make a post, be upset with me, not them.

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