Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Bust of a Sewing Day

Today was a failed FART - fabric acquisition road trip.

It's January here in Ontario and the weather has been crazy. This past week we've been in a deep freeze and today we're on the plus side of zero. It's been foggy, wet, and damp. And with all the ice we had before Christmas it can be a bit treacherous out there.

All week I've been looking forward to today - I'd planned a trip to a favourite quilt store for their semi-annual sale. I love the store and was excited about the sale.

I have to say I'm disappointed.

I trekked to the quilt shop (50 minutes) to arrive shortly after they opened. The parking lot was jammed and so I drove around. I got stuck at the bottom of two hills because it was just icy enough that I couldn't get back up them. So I parked a ways away and walked in. My friends C and L were invited to come along but both had other plans. I missed them but am actually glad L couldn't make it - she's 8 1/2 months pregnant and I'd have been pretty worried on the ice for her.

The store is not that big - in an old Victorian house. I think there were at least 75 people in there. It was hot and crowded. The sale was okay - yarn on sale for a couple of dollars off per skein. Fabric that was on sale was all put in the centre of the store - it was a minimum .5m cut. None of it was anything I wanted - it was all older stock. I was hoping the entire store was reduced in price - alas, not to be.

I looked around a bit but it was so crowded and I wasn't willing to wait for the 20 people in line ahead of me to pay, so I left and I'll go back another day.

My favourite lunch place is just across the road - it too was jammed. So, I came home.

The good things about the trip is that I arrived home safe and sound and I know their semi-annual sale isn't something I need to attend. I'm much happier when the store is less crowded.

I was looking for fabric for a baby girl quilt for a friend at school.

Here's my drawing of the design:
with a little kitty help on the side
It's modelled after this quilt here which I found on pinterest. It looks like a gift wrapped present, sort of.

The mommy like a lilac purple, creams, whites. I couldn't find enough of what I liked at the store today (actually also a plus for the day) so I think I'm going to change the design to a simple plus quilt in fairly low volume.

Another local quilt store has a 30% off everything sale starting next Tues - I may try there or I'll go back to the other store.