Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Twins Quilts Update

I am crazy busy at work these days and so my sewing time is limited and precious. I'm also on a self-inflicted deadline for these quilts - the baby shower is on Saturday and I'm a long way from finished.

I outlined all the full elephants - sorry, no pictures cause they don't show up - and that went okay. Now I'm stuck on the borders. I looked through my books and sketched out some possibilities but didn't love any of them.

I decided on interlocking circles, marked the quilt, and sewed away.

And, I'm not happy with my results: my circles are wobbly and uneven and look really sloppy and I don't like it. So, I ripped it all out. I think I'm going to do a rambling, purposefully uneven, bubble design. I want something quick and where I don't have to do too much marking.

Any other border suggestions? The border are 5" wide in total, but I only want about a 4" wide design.

My self-inflicted deadline likely won't be met at this point (since I'm not invited to the shower so have to be finished by work time Friday morning) so I may give up for this week. I'll have to see how tomorrow goes.