Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I Have Finished A Row - Woo Hoo!

I've finished an entire row of Dear Jane - it feels like a major accomplishment and now I'm excited to sew this quilt again.

First I had to sort out all the blocks I've completed. It was a larger pile than I expected, which is good because I often felt like I'd sew and sew these blocks and not see much progress.

Then I laid out all the blocks for row A. I'm missing one... I whipped it up. Here is A8.

All of row A is complete - that's 13 5" blocks.

Next, I cut about a gazillion 5" x 1" strips for the sashing between the blocks.  And I forgot to take a picture.

Here is the row all sewn together - with my helper. It's so long that I almost had to stand on a chair to get this picture.  It will fit on my design wall but I can't get back far enough to take a picture of it.

I think my homework for Sept is to have the first four rows sewn together - that's what I'm going to do anyway.  I need to make up some more blocks before I can sew any more rows together.