Thursday, 7 July 2016

Q2 Finish Along Finish

In early April I joined a finish along - hoping to win some prizes - and get motivated too.
My goal was 2 quilts - 1 for a baby and 1 for me.
I made some progress - the baby one is finished.
Here's my progress:

The baby isn't born yet - the shower was the end of May and the Mommy-to-be loved it. I'm very happy with it, and glad I got it finished.

The quilt for myself didn't go as planned. I just got busy doing other things. The baby quilt was baby sized (about 40"x45") and easy to do - my quilt will be queen sized and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the size (at least I think that's what my problem is). I'll continue to work on it - maybe for Q3 Finish Along?

I'm linking up here - go check out what every one else has finished.

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