Sunday, 23 August 2015

What I've Been Up To

I was in a bit of a quilting mania earlier this month (at least it felt like it) and I've slowed down a little lately. I don't have any looming deadlines and I know I work better under a bit of pressure.

I have been doing some sewing and crafting bits though.

I'm working (still) on cleaning up my sewing room and I took a stab at my cabinets. This is my before picture.

It looks slightly better now, but I'm still not finished. All in due time!

Remember the clamshell quilt I made on retreat that wasn't big enough? This one

I found and ordered some more fabric  online to complete the quilt so it's big enough for a single bed. I ordered from two different US shops in order to get what I wanted (and with the Cdn dollar right now, I cringed). One store delivered and I got these last week

A coordinating solid, two prints I already used, and a 1/2 yard of an ombre stripe from the line.
The other shop hasn't delivered anything: they haven't charged my paypal and aren't responding to phone calls or email messages. I wonder if they've closed up shop and not taken down their website? I'm going to wait a little longer to see if they come through before I get going on this quilt again. I'm going to have to take a lot of it apart and I'm hoping for all the fabric I ordered to arrive. (It's Coquette by Chez Moi by Moda from about 4-5 years ago, colour is Petal).

Finally, I've been hired by the friend of a friend to complete some Christmas stockings that have great sentimental value. There is a lot of hand stitching and I'm finding it quite relaxing (once I set up a system to help me be organized and efficient). I'm making progress fast enough that I'm not getting bored.

There were a number of customization requests by the recipient - including adding the Mrs. Claus in the toe (there was originally an elf there). I'm hoping to finish this one this week, then work away at the others asap.

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