Monday, 5 August 2013

Design Wall Monday

I've been working on the animal quilt for my niece and almost all of the applique is finished. I need a dark purple thread which I'll pick up on Wednesday this week and then I'll have almost all the blocks finished - I still need to do her name and find her hand print.

Here's what's on my design wall this week - the completely finished blocks

Check out Patchworktimes to see what everyone else is working on.


  1. What a fun quilt this is going to be.

  2. How precious. She will spend hours looking at and imagining all kinds of wonderful things with her quilt.
    Great job!!

  3. Those are soooooo cute! You've done a fabulous job of bringing them all to life.

  4. Your blocks for your niece are so cute. She will be so excited when she sees what you've created just for her. Can't wait to see myself how you put them all together.